• DUSKO KNEZEVIC We measure success by positive trends which came to life in the society through our business initiatives and projects thus making it a better place for the life of our citizens.
  • DUSKO KNEZEVIC We would like to actively contribute to the creation of self-sustainable trends for optimal standards in the fields of new technologies, green economy, as well as education and healthcare.
  • DUSKO KNEZEVIC Our destiny is cooperation – both among nations and different organisations.
  • DUSKO KNEZEVIC Think, act, create, share!


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Duško Knežević, PhD of Legal and Economic Studies at University of Belgrade, is the founder and president of the Atlas Group. The Atlas Group was founded 20 years ago in Montenegro and it represents one of the most successful groups in the region today. In 2010, World Finance magazine voted Atlas Group the best financial group in Montenegro and Atlas Bank, a member of the Group, the best bank in Montenegro.

Knežević has put prosperity and better living standards for our citizens at the core of the company’s mission. Knežević’s overall objective is to help establish sustainability and interdependence as policies for building a better society, by means of using synergy of Atlas Group diverse projects aimed at creating self-sustainable system for implementing innovative standards of economic and social empowerment of the society.

At the international level, Atlas Group companies have been active in investing and trading, as well as in management of private pension funds and provision of life insurance. Knežević is committed to building up strong business relationships and partnerships with financial experts from the following financial institutions: Citi Bank, Merrill Lynch, Credit Suisse, Bank of Cyprus, Marfin Bank, Deutche Bank, Piraeus Bank, EBRD, France Telecom, British Telecom. In 2010, Knežević became a member of the Clinton Global Initiative where he has been committed to help in finding solutions to the world's most pressing challenges: poverty, environment, health and education. Subsequently, he launched the Balkan Networking Initiative by organising the Inaugural Conference “Balkan Networking for Social Empowerment of South-Eastern Europe” in May 2011 in Montenegro, together with the Clinton Global Initiative and the Government of Montenegro. Knežević as member of the Clinton Global Initiative (CGI) launched also the initiative Podgorica - City of the Future, Energy Efficient Montenegro, as a public-private partnership with the City of Podgorica and EPCG.

Knežević is actively oriented towards society improvement, mostly with vulnerable groups (of society) and by helping individuals. According to him, humanity is one of the greatest virtues that contributes to the healthy functioning of each community. He has been showing his care for others and the whole society for years. For that reason in 2010, Knežević founded the Atlas Foundation dedicated to the creation of new societal values and economic empowerment of citizens through enhancement of corporate social responsibility and business philanthropy. Through Atlas Foundation, Knežević would like to contribute to the world’s most pressing challenges such as: education, health, environment, regional cooperation, women empowerment and new technologies.

Knežević shows his social commitment through awarding Atlas scholarships to the best students of Montenegrin universities for eleven years in a row. At the Conference “Balkan Networking for Social Empowerment of South-Eastern Europe” in  May 2011, organised by the Atlas Foundation and the Government of Montenegro and in partnership with the Clinton Global Initiative, a part of the donations was spent on buying equipment for the children hospital in Podgorica.

It has been 20 years since Knežević has steadily expanded the Group’s range of interests in Montenegro. Atlas Group presently consists of 30 companies including banks, finance, real estate, construction, brewery, tourism, education, health and media. Atlas Group is the majority owner of the Montenegro Stock Exchange. In addition to this, Knežević is also the founder of Atlas Capital Forex.

Some of the major members of the Atlas Group are the following: Atlas Bank, Montenegro Stock Exchange, Mediterranean University, Atlas Fund, Atlas Life, Atlas Pensions, Atlas Invest Montenegro, Atlas Television, Meljine Hospital and Atlas Foundation.

Under his leadership, Atlas Group has grown into an internationally acknowledged company that now includes Atlas Capital Financial Services in Cyprus, Atlas Capital in London, FSA regulated company in UK and ABM Bank in Russia.

One of the first projects realised within the initiative Podgorica - City of the Future (project realised as Commitment to Action with Clinton Global Initiative) is the construction of residential business building Atlas Capital Centre in Podgorica according to highest efficiency standards, which also promotes the new model of buildings that greatly integrate principles of green building and environmental protection. This building is one of the biggest projects of that kind in South-East Europe, buillt in collaboration with Capital Investments, a company owned by the Abu Dhabi royal family.


Knežević graduated finance and banking at the Faculty of Economics, University of Belgrade. There he completed his Master degree also in finance and banking. He finished his PhD entitled:  “Legal and Economic Prerequisites for the Sustainability of Pension Insurance System” at the Faculty of Law, University of Belgrade.  Thereafter, he obtained the title of a doctor for legal and economic studies.  

Owing to his dedication to science and education, and recognition of the need for development new high academic institutions in our region, Knežević started to largely invest in education. Knežević is the founder and president of the board of two universities, in Montenegro and in Serbia: Mediterranean University - the first private university in Montenegro, and the Belgrade Banking Academy in Serbia.

The objective of establishing Mediterranean University was to contribute to the improvement of education in Montenegro and the region as well. Increasing the number of qualified and skilled citizens will secure our way to a prosperous future with benefits and better living standards for each individual and the whole society in general.  Currently, Mediterranean University is composed of six units: Faculty of Tourism, Hotel and Trade Management Bar, Faculty of Business Studies "Montenegro Business School", Faculty of Visual Arts, Faculty of Information Technology, Faculty of Foreign Languages and Faculty of Law.

Knežević lectures in finance-related subjects at the Union University and he has been constantly publishing economy related paper works, articles and books.

Knežević always expressed his enormous affinities for sports. As a youngster he showed huge talent for basketball, so he started to train in Basketball Club “Ljubović” and “Zeta” and then in junior team of Belgrade “Partizan”, but his sports career was interrupted by an injury. He then committed to enforcing the rules and maintaining the order of the game and, as a student, he reached the federal list of basketball referees. 

Although mostly devoted to basketball, Knežević made his first steps as a sport official in water polo. He became a president of Water polo Club “Crvena zvezda” in 1992.  Knežević at the same time actively participated in the work of the Board of Directors of Water polo Federation of Yugoslavia, and he led as a director the water polo representation of FRY at the Olympic Games in Atlanta 1996.

At the beginning of 2000, Knežević was very active in basketball:  he was at once President of Basketball Club “Atlas”, Member of Board of Basketball Federation of Serbia and Montenegro and President of Board of Company EP 2005 (founded for the needs of organization of European premiership in Belgrade, Podgorica, Novi Sad and Vršac). 

Through companies and trademarks of Atlas Group business system, he regularly sponsors the most successful clubs and the most significant sport manifestations. Thus the name of Atlas Group, Atlas Bank and Aqua Monta is related to the successes of female handball players and male volleyball players “Budućnost”, basketball teams of “Budućnost”, “Mornar”, “Lovćen”, football teams “Budućnost” and “Zeta”, water polo team “Budvanska rivijera”, as well as to various sports manifestations, such as the traditional Podgorica marathon.

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